Friday, February 17, 2006

Fire On Religious Christendom

I'm fascinated in a horrified way by Christendom's bloodthirsty bloodguilty course.

But as a child I was overawed by all the stained glass, magnificent robes, huge cathedrals, ceremonies and mysticism. Once I had a chance to visit the Vatican. I was searching not only for a sense of the seemingly timelessness of the place but for a sense of God, would I sense his presence there? Would He know I was looking for Him, and would He let Himself be found? I remember being anxious to get off the tour bus. All I had to do was to get into His space and something would happen, I was sure. On a humourous note, that was in the 80's. I was decked out in the latest from Express and was sure my outfit showed the proper respect. I was badly mistaken because the guard at the door of St. Peters looked at me with a mixture of horror, amazement and pity. Nobody at the tour company had told our group that you could not wear shorts into St. Peters. Many were turned away however I felt that I had God's favour because I got in anyway. I think it was the pink tights that saved me, and I don't care what anyone says, the outfit was awesome by American standards. It consisted of a white shirt, pink sweater, pink shorts, pink tights, short pink socks, pink shoes and beautiful head of 80's big hair.

But let me tell you what I found, the place was cold, not the temperature but the spirit. Something was not right, and it began with a sense of being overwhelmed but not with happiness. The place did not have the respectful spirit of a house of worship but of that of a business, a very lavish one at that. Also I was amazed at the attitudes of the so-called "Princes of the Church". They were cordoned off in an area we peasants could not walk through. I say peasants because the way they looked at the masses gave me the feeling of being in one of those really bad medieval movies...It felt like we should have been bowing and scraping and "yes milord'ing/no milord'ing". Also what was up with all of the lavish artwork and the foreign art in the basement, from ancient pagan lands ? What was the purpose of the collection? To make a long story short, what I was looking for I did not find. And now I know why, someone else's spirit was there and I could feel it. The stones were crying out, but what were they trying to tell me I did not find out until later? At that time I was ignorant of the history of this organization and of its practices and of the history of all of the sects of Christendom. Now I know. Fire On Babylon (not the ancient Babylon of Iraq) Fire on religious "Babylon". For some reason everytime I listen to that Sinead O'Connor song I cant' help but think of Christendom's religious lies and bloodguilt...

Fire On Babylon She took my father from my life oh
Took my sister and brothers oh
I watched her torturing my child
Feeble I was then but now I'm grown
Fire on Babylon
Oh yes a change has come
Fire on Babylon Fire Fire Fire
She's taken everything I liked She's taken every lover oh
And all along she gave me lies
Just to make me think I loved her
Fire on Babylon Oh yes a change has come Look what she did to her son
Fire Fire Fire on
Life's backwards Life's backwards People turn around
The house is burned The house is burned The children are gone
Fire Fire Fire on Babylon Oh yes a change has come
Fire on Babylon Fire Fire, oh
Fire, oh Fire on Babylon Oh yes a change has come
Look what she did to her son Look what she did to her son
Fire, haha Fire, haha Fire Fire Fire, aha Fire on Babylon
Fire on Babylon


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