Friday, February 17, 2006

Christendom's War On Iraq

Again the major churches of Christendom are silent on the Iraq War. Belatedly the Methodists have spoke out but Christendom's efforts are halfhearted in the extreme. No measures like censure or excommunication are being taken to hold her members accountable for their actions. They attend their various churches in good standing and have their pictures taken with the leading lights of Christendom from the Pope on down. Same as it ever was....

From the Standford Hoover Institute
100,000 Iraqi Civilian Dead Since US Invasion? Who is Right?

Jon Kofas writes:On 28 October 2004, Emma Ross, AP Medical writer, reported from London that according to one household survey 100,000 more have died in Iraq than would be expected based on the death rate before the U.S. invasion. The unofficial estimates of Iraqi"war casualties range from 10,000 to 30,000. "In a recent response to my views on the costs of war and "terrorism", Istvan Simon argued that "terrorists" deliberately target civilians, whereas the armies kill civilians as "collateral damage" which is only to be expected. If we take the long view of history, we see that the ultimate terrorist machine, the ultimate machine of destruction is the state, not groups of people organized against the state. While there is no doubt that acts of political violence by groups organized against the state may be abhorrent, destructive, and futile as they do often target civilians, there is also no comparison between the hundreds of millions killed in the name of the state, versus the thousands killed by unconventional means in guerrilla or other unconventional warfare that may include civilian targets. Why do societies honor mass killings and justify them in the name of patriotism, but condemn the same acts on a much smaller scale when carried out by unconventional means? Both Gregory of Tours who wrote the History of the Franks and Einhard who was Charlemagne's biographer justified war only when carried out in the name of expanding Christendom, but they strongly condemned it when the Norsemen (Vikings) Saracens (Muslims) or the barbarians from the East carried out the same acts as Clovis and Charlemagne. The medieval Christian doubled standard is with us to this day, and regrettably even among people who have the capacity to reason and know for a fact that it is wrong to engage in such hypocrisy in the name of civilization and at the expense of humanity.


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